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Charting Software
GuppyTraders Essentials is a charting program that includes all standard technical analysis indicators and oscillators plus specialist tools created by Daryl Guppy and Alan Hull.EzyChart 6 is a popular Australian charting program with over 150 indicators and drawing tools including tools created and used by Daryl Guppy, Alan Hull and Jim Berg. It works seamlessly with EzyAnalyser to produce results to assist you in analysing the markets.
GTE Charting
The Guppytraders Essentials Charting Pack
Is a fully integrated analysis tool boasting all the standard charting tools as well as specialist Guppy tools only found in this software.
GTE Toolbox
The Guppytraders Essentials Toolbox
Is a cut-down version of the charting pack. It is aimed at clients who may already have a charting package but still want the added benefit of the Guppy tools.
The EzyChart Software
Has been Australia’s most popular end-of-day charting software since 1993. It has thousands of satisfied users spread around the world. The new EzyChart offers full 64-bit power for use with Windows 7,8 and 10. Together with BodhiGold data downloading software, users can chart and analyse data from over 100 worldwide stock markets, futures markets and foreign exchange.